We are an accidental homeschooling family, sharing and nurturing a lifelong love of learning.  We stumbled upon homeschooling when our first born was about 3 years old.  Thinking that school wasn’t going to be the best fit for our precocious and energetic little man, we decided to leap into the unknown and raise him without formal schooling.  I like to think of us as borderline unschoolers.  We believe in child-led learning but throw in a little math and science curriculum.  Our style is secular, eclectic and very relaxed.

There are four of us,  Rob – the husband, dad and (lucky for the kids) guy in charge of explaining difficult math and science concepts. He’s funny, a little geeky and incredibly lovable.

Alex is the boy ( born 03/03).  He is sweet, sensitive, loud, hyper and pretty darn smart.  Our own geek in the making, he follows in his father’s footsteps with his adoration of all things scientific and absurd.  LEGO is his first love, closely followed reading.  He is a speed reader, like his Mama, and polishes off hundreds of books each month.

Izzy is the girl (born 11/05). She is my little helper, always wanting to do what Mom is doing be it cooking or having tea with friends.  She likes to be in charge and get things done.  Moody and temperamental at times, she tends to hide her livelier side.  She loves dancing, laughing and singing and has a zest for life that leaves smiles in her wake. Sharp as a tack too but won’t display her talents for show.  A child who acts much older than she really is.

And me! The mom/diplomat/cheerleader. A prolific reader, novice writer and all around curious girl who enjoys sharing the days with my kidlets and experiencing life through their eyes.

I write this blog to chronicle our lives through these early years.  A glimpse of daily life.  To give the kids an answer to why we make the choices we do.  To see the ups and downs of life in a family.  (Maybe a little to keep evidence of the madness they sometimes put me through…so I can refer to specific dates when their own kids drive them batty ;-))